About Us

Ziplines-In-Plett (Pty) Ltd is one of the most adrenaline-filled adventure experiences you will find along the Garden Route in the Western Cape of South Africa.  It is located in an indigenous forest that still has it’s natural beauty as it has been undisturbed for more than 38 years!  This  is a must visit and experience attraction!

Forest History Since 1981

This little paradise was discovered by the Perold family in 1981 and the indigenous forest and natural fynbos was untouched and since then been conserved.  The land has a huge valley of a depth of approximately 40 meters and has the indigenous forest on the Northern side and natural fynbos on the Southern side.

We have lots of Keurboom trees with its  attractive mauve to pink pea-shaped flowers, the large evergreen Yellowwood tree which has been declared the national tree of South Africa and is protected here. Then we also have the original South African “suikerbossie” (sugarbush) Protea repens, Moraea ochroleuca (Aas-Uintjie) also referred to the ‘yellow flowers of hope’, due to blooming after a fire.


Zip Lining is a thrilling experience BUT there are safety guidelines that we must adhere to for the protection and safety of our guests and staff, THEREFORE please  note that people with the following can NOT participate in the Zipline Tour:

  •     Children under the age of 8 and elders over the age of 70.
  •     Adults over 120 kg (only participants between 40kg & 120 kg allowed).
  •     Pregnant women.
  •     Anyone with a heart condition, chronic back pain or shoulder problems.
  •     People who are unable to walk up hills or steps and intoxicated individuals.

Your adventure begins with a descriptive safety talk by one of our trained guides.  Once equipped with a safety harness, two lanyards, two carabiners and a double pulley, you are given a short training course.  You will also be guided through the procedure by our friendly and professional staff.

We have a nature walk coming soon . While one part of the family is up in the air, you can and enjoy our 1.122 km return walk and share the experience as one family, but from a different view!


  • Comfortable walking shoes,
  • Insect Repellent.

The Big Fire

Nature took it’s natural turn and the biggest fire in many years hit the Garden Route on 7 June 2017!  On the 10th of June the fire engulfed the zip line project and we experienced the scariest moment of our lives!  Only by the Grace of God was the only damage burned down fences, fynbos and the invasive Pine trees….

The fynbos side of the valley was completely burned to the ground, which is essential due to being nature’s way for fynbos to germinate.  But the most blessed experience was to witness how amazing indigenous forests held against the fire as only a few trees caught fire and mostly the undergrowth burned, compared to the invasive Pine trees, on the fynbos side of the valley, were completely destroyed!

Although so many people lost their houses and personal belongings, of which the latter cannot be bought back or replaced, we were blessed by this opportunity to develop the zip lines without further bush-clearing and was able to establish the perfect ‘Zip-Walk-Route’.  We also had the opportunity to get rid of all the invasive Pine, Black Wattle and Port Jackson trees to restore and conserve the forest’s original flora after thousands of dormant seeds germinated after the fire.


The Plett Zipline team is made up of knowledgeable and safety focused guides that are there to assist and support you in any way you need.





let your journey begin